Playing Blocks 3D

Playing Blocks 3D

Platform: Android

Release date: September 2013

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Playing Blocks 3D is a music game consisting of hitting the appropriate blocks pop-up in the rhythm of one of the six tracks. Any mistake or delay and the music stops, and the longer you play the more points you make. You should also use a combination of two or three blocks at a time.
Depending on the set difficulty, the game is great entertainment for both younger and older children. Babies learn to recognize shapes, colors and sense of rhythm. Older children practice reflex – constantly enhancing results. During test application, it turned out that the game is also addictive to adult users :)
You can update the results from one of three levels, to Top Score list which is available online on our website.

Ads can be disabled after one click on the banner and return to the application – and you can permanently delete them – buying Playing Blocks 3D version NoAds.

We have made every effort to ensure that the application is most elaborate – but if you have any comments or suggestions, please write to, and we will try as soon as possible to include them in future updates.

Have fun.