My Little Baby – Wild Animals Sounds

My Little Baby ? Wild Animal Sounds

Platform: Android

Release date: October 2013

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NoAds Version:

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My Little Baby Wild Animal Sounds is the next application of a series of educational games designed specifically for younger children. ( from 11 months old)

Your child plays and learns the sounds that wild animals make.
Colouful illustrations, simple in use and accompanied by great music. The application has been tested on the target group :) so we added special convenient features:

Does your child block or exit the game by accident just by holding the phone or a tablet?
Our game does not lock up when your child accidentally presses the screen ? the game is still running.

Does your child click on the ads by acccident spoiling the fun?
In our application you can just click on the ad, then return immediately and the ad disappears.
(If you want to delete them permanently – you can also buy NoAds versions)

We have done our best to fascinate your child with our application because our kids also use it. However if you have any comments or suggestions please write to support (at)

We will take into consideration any creative remarks and include them in subsequent updates.

Have Fun.