Scrabless – Best scrabble like game.

Platform: Android

Languages: English, Polish

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Scrabless is a puzzle game based on the known word game principles.

There are two game modes: single player and multiplayer.
In the first mode, you can select one of three difficulty options where at hard – computer selects the best scoring words but also predicts our movements to make it difficult to score points.

Depending on the level we have available different number of suggestions offered by the computer. Words from the hints are not scored however.

Competition results can be uploaded to top score table which is available in the game and on our website .

The network version of the game allows two players to play on two devices. As long as they are both within the same WIFI network .

The aim of the game is to draw letters and arranging them into words on a special board with dimensions of 15×15 squares. The words are arranged in a crossword shaped manner . The first word should pass through the field H8 (the center of the board ) . Each new word must use at least one letter that is already on the board , so the newly placed words either intersect with existing or extend them with another letter.

The player who cannot ( or chooses not to – for tactical reasons ) lay out the correct word out of owned letters, either passes , or even exchanges letters . Arranged words are scored, the game is won by whoever (all made movements ) scores more points than the opponent.

The game includes two languages and two dictionaries : English and Polish.

We have made every effort to make the game as the most polished and tested – but if you have suggestions or comments on the changes , please email

Have fun !

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