Red Bad Robot

Red Bad Robot – Logic Game

Platform: Android, Windows Phone

Languages: English, Polish

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Red Bad Robot is a programming puzzle game, which is an easy way to introduce you to the world of programming.

The game uses the mechanics which are used during programming. Red Bad Robot allows players to understand the basic concepts of programming, such as flow of instructions, sequences, procedures and loops.
The player’s task is to plan the commands for the robot to reach the exit. Levels are harder and harder, and you need to use the minimum number of commands.

During the game, there are additional features such as the possibility of moving boxes, shooting, open doors, and even teleport or multi-threaded robots.

The game has 24 stages and is intended for players of all ages.

In addition, the game features an editor which allow you to create your own levels and there is the possibility of uploading it to the server. This gives unlimited possibilities for all those players for whom the basic steps will not be a large enough challenge.
The only condition is for the author to finish the level of his own creation.

The game has English and Polish languages??, which will be automatically recognized, however, it can be changed in the settings menu any time.

Both versions of the game have the same functionality, but if you like our game, you can buy a NoAds version.

We have made every effort to make the game most perfected and tested ? but if you have suggestions or comments on the changes, please email

Have fun!